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DataTEK Analytics provides leading edge data-warehousing, analytical capabilities, mobile BI, and data-mining all within an elastic, secure platform.  We are your complete analytical platform (PaaS).


We've overcome the frustration of overburdened IT with an award winning methodology, that takes the guess work out of leveraging your data in a more efficient manner, in a way that is responsive to your business.  


Your data is your most important asset.  Whether you are taking advantage of your data or not, your competitors are.  We enable you to get in the "data" game, quickly.  No over-burdened IT to work with to implement. Bo costly consultants that way provide value or not. No costly infrastructure investment and business intelligence reporting platform to purchase.      


Our vision is to be your partner:

  • to help you be more profitable

  • to help you gain efficiency

  • to help streamline processes

  • to help you see the patterns in your data to ensure your success

  • to ensure your customers are happy

  • to help you take meaningful action with your data  

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